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Enzyme Blend For Better Digestion
Contains 90 Veggie Capsules of LIFE
Enzyme Blend For Better Digestion

· Enzymes help break down foods that are difficult to digest including sugars, plant cells, proteins and fats.
· Increase energy through better nutrient absorption
· Relieves and prevents regular bloating and indigestion
· 100% vegetarian
· Great health begins at your core -- with a healthy digestive system.
Each bottle contains 90 capsules, a 30 day supply with regular use.
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Feel the difference
Ingredients & use
  • Suggested Use
Take 1 -2 capsules with partially cooked meals and 3 capsules with fully cooked meals or as directed by a health professional.
  • Contents
Each bottle contains 90 capsules, a 30 day supply with regular use.
By nature, all living foods have enzymes in it. Through our cooking practices, we deactivate these naturally occurring enzymes and call on our body's supply of enzymes to do ALL the work. This can be overwhelming! LIFE contains a broad array of vegetarian enzymes for every meal and snack.

Amylase enzyme - breaks down carbohydrates (ie. pastas, breads, cookies, bagels, oats) into simple sugars for energy. Protease I, II and Peptidase enzymes - breaks down the various bonds in protein (ie meats, nuts, beans, seeds) into amino acids used for building blocks. Lipase enzyme - specific enzyme to break down fats (found in meats, dressings, oils, dairy) into fatty acids that the body uses for energy, hormone production. Invertase - breaks down table sugar that is found in almost all processed foods. Cellulase enzyme - breaks down cell walls of plants to release phytonutrients and fiber. Lactase enzyme - breaks down milk sugar, lactose, that is found in dairy products. Maltase enzyme - breaks down malt sugar into two glucose molecules. Hemicellulase enzyme complex - breaks down sugar molecules found in beans and legumes.
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